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Board of management of the association: Adrian Dudle (Co-Chairman), Ines Pöschel (Co-Chairman), Hannes Schmid (Vice Chairman), Heinz Wäch (Treasurer), Mathis Büttiker (Member), Jann Fisch (Member), Thomas R. Meier (Member) and Hans Wettstein (Member).


1. Content of website
Smiling Gecko makes every effort to ensure that the information provided on its website is up to date, correct and complete. We are however not in a position to guarantee this at all times. We reserve the right to change the content of our website, or temporarily or permanently suspend our online presence, at any time and without prior notice. The authors and publisher shall have no liability for any damage or loss (including, without limitation, financial loss, loss of profits, loss of business or any indirect or consequential loss), however it arises, resulting from the use of or inability to use this website or any material appearing on it or from any action or decision taken as a result of using the website or any such material, unless we have been found to have acted with intent or gross negligence. Any offers made by us on our website are not binding and without obligation.​

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3. Linked pages
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4. Jurisdiction and salvatory clause
The above clauses form part of the website of Smiling Gecko and apply to all visitors. Should any of these clauses no longer conform to the pertaining law, the content and validity of the remaining clauses shall remain unaffected.[:]