Get to know the country and its people

For guests who would like to discover rural Cambodia during their stay, we offer a variety of activities and guided tours in Cambodia that introduce our visitors to the local culture while giving them a deeper insight into the everyday lives of the wonderful local people. Our tours are a part of responsible travel and sustainable travel initiatives, offering a vacation with purpose.

NGO school children in Cambodia smiling with joy and happiness

Smiling Gecko Campus, AN NGO PROJECT

The tour of the 150 hectare Smiling Gecko Campus is an unforgettable experience near Angkor Wat. Here guests get a perfect insight into the numerous NGO projects of Smiling Gecko and visit our school and the kindergarten, among other things, contributing to sustainability in travel and tourism.

Buddhist monastery on a hill

Temple Hill

Around 25 kilometers west of the resort is a picturesque 500-year-old Buddhist monastery on a hill that can be seen from afar. A visit to the impressive site is particularly spectacular in the early evening hours when a breathtaking sunset bathes the surrounding country in a unique light, making our Buddhist Monastery Sunset Tours Cambodia a must-see.

Floating Villages

The provincial capital, Kampong Chhnang, is around an hour’s drive from the campus. From here our boats depart towards the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Tonle-Sap Lake with its traditional floating villages. A highlight, where our guests learn a lot about the life of the population during these Cambodia tours.

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Tonle-Sap Lake with its traditional floating villages

Clothing factories

Clothes, shoes and luggage produced in huge factories are among Cambodia’s most important exports. On our tour of some of these factories in the suburbs of Phnom Penh, our guests learn about difficult conditions the mostly female workers sew garments in,  which a little later hang in shops around the world. An impressive tour that makes you think.


From the early 17th century to 1866, Udong was the capital of Cambodia. A period also referred to as the “dark ages” in the country’s history. The monumental necropolis of the former kings of Cambodia with numerous stupas and shrines are still witnesses of the former position of the place. An exciting excursion that is equally popular with foreign and local guests, making our Historical Tour of Udong, Cambodia a fascinating experience.

Anlung Svay Waterfall

About 70 kilometers from Farmhouse Resort & Spa is the waterfall of Anlung Svay in the Aoral Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary. Despite its beauty, the waterfall is a real insider tip and we are happy to visit it regularly with our guests for a picnic and for swimming. Be sure to take your camera with you!

Ant Tour

Fire ant nests are a Cambodian specialty and taste delicious! On this Cambodian Fire Ant Nest Harvesting Experience tour, our guests accompany a local family when harvesting the nests and learn a lot about the original life in rural Cambodia.

Palm Sugar Tour

Palm wood products are among the most important trade goods in rural Cambodia. On the palm sugar tour, which leads to a family in the area around the Smiling Gecko Campus, our guests experience how palm sugar is made at a height of 20 meters. An experience that reveals a lot about the hard life in the country.

Cooking course «New Khmer Cuisine»

In the unique ambience of the Founder’s bungalow on the Farmhouse grounds, our guests have the opportunity to be introduced to the secrets of Cambodian cuisine in the Authentic Cambodian cooking courses of our executive chef, Mariya Un Non. Very exciting, very educational and very tasty.