We are part of Smiling Gecko

The Farmhouse Resort is an important part of the unique Smiling Gecko Campus, which was launched by the NGO Smiling Gecko in 2014 to sustainably combat poverty in rural Cambodia through schooling and vocational training.

On 150 hectares of own land, the organization runs not just the hotel but a fantastic, bilingual school and kindergarten, as well as various craft workshops, in which disadvantaged young adults from this rural part of Cambodia are trained. Another focus is agriculture and animal husbandry. Most of the meat and fish used in the resort’s restaurants, as well as almost all the fruit and vegetables, come from its own farms, giving a whole new meaning to the concept of farm-to-table. Good to know: All profits from the resort are reinvested in the campus. At the same time, the farmhouse is also Smiling Gecko’s largest training facility.

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