The star of Cambodian cuisine

In our first blog post, we would like to introduce Mariya Un Noun. The head chef at the Famhouses Resort and Spa, whose story stands for the Smiling Gecko concept like no other.

The top Swiss chef Andreas Caminada (3 Michelin stars) is her personal sponsor, she also had the privilege of cooking with other heroes, such as Franck Giovanni (3 stars): Mariya Un Noun, our head chef at the Farmhouse Resort and Spa.

At only around 1.50m tall, she is probably one of the most delicate top bosses in the world, but she is also definitely the most determined. Because one thing is clear: she follows her path, which has led her from the slums of Phnom Penh to the Farmhouse and then to the restaurants of the world, with the same meticulousness as the development of her own spectacular cuisine, which she herself refers to as New Khmer Cuisine.

At Smiling Gecko we are particularly proud of the great career of our chef. It shows that with ambition, talent and, above all, the right support, there is a way out of misery even in the poorest Cambodia.

For those who want to experience the culinary art of Mariya Un Noun can do so every day at the resort’s Farmhouse Restaurant. From Thursday to Saturday, the fine dining restaurant “Un” also opens its glazed doors. The latter should be on the agenda for every Cambodia travel plan. A timely reservation on  is strongly recommended!